RMIT - Lecturer

non/fiction Lab. School of Media & Communication. RMIT University.

Best known as a playwright, she also writes short stories and essays and is a freelance dramaturg, director & occasional performer.


My work as an Early Career Researcher draws on my experience as a theatre-maker to apply arts-based methods as means of inquiry and activism across modalities including collaborative texts, sonic essays, live art, installations and creative-writing projects. 

Key research expertise: Creative writing (including playwriting); practice-led research, performance and installation studies, arts-based and creative methods; humour studies

Recent Publications

December 23 2020 

We Thought We Knew What Summer Was

Crossover writing collaboration with Susan Ballard, Hannah Brasier, Sholto Buck, David Carlin, Sophie Langley, Joshua Lobb, Brigid Magner, Catherine McKinnon, Rose Michael, Peta Murray, Francesca Rendle-Short, Lucinda Strahan, and Stayci Taylor

Axon Journal

2nd January 2020 

Diarology for Beginners: Articulating Playful Practice through Artless Methodology: Collaboration with Kim Munro & Stayci Taylor

New Writing

20th December 2019 

An Elegy for Every Little Thing

Progress in Palliative Care

20th December 2019 

Advanced Diarology: 

Mortification, Materiality & Meaning-makingCollaboration with Kim Munro & Stayci Taylor

TEXT Special Issue 57