Photo by David Carlin

About Peta

A late-blooming paracademic, Peta was awarded a Masters Degree in Playwriting from QUT in 2012. This gave rise to an epic new text, THINGS THAT FALL OVER: AN ANTI-MUSICAL OF A NOVEL INSIDE A READING OF A PLAY, WITH FOOTNOTES, AND ORATORIO-AS-CODA.

In 2017, Peta was awarded a PhD from RMIT University. She then became a Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Media & Communication from 2018-2020. Now a lecturer and researcher, Peta brings playwriting & theatre-making skills to bear in quest of new methods for communal conversation and collaborative practices. These approaches invite embodied experience, sensory immersion and the witnessing afforded by live encounter.

United under the concept of meaningful irreverence, her performable essays, secular rituals and playful interventions create counternarratives for easing the way through major life transitions and navigating times of uncertainty.

Research Expertise: Creative writing (including playwriting); practice-led research; maverick, arts-based and creative methods 

Current Position: Lecturer in the School of Media & Communication at RMIT University

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