Neologism of the Day: Realllllly Scale

Neologism of the Day: Realllllly Scale

Meaning: The Reallllly Scale is a contemporary take on the Richter Scale. The latter attempts to apply a “measure of magnitude” to the strength of earthquakes. The former attempts to apply a “measure of magnitude” to the degree of Whattheactualfuckery the world throws at one on any given day.

The Reallllly Scale is named in homage to the Venerable Talking Schnauzer of the Canadalands, Pluto, whose latest opinion piece is unmissable. Pluto measures things on the RealllllyScale all the time. She has yet to hit five reallies, to my knowledge, but there have definitely been musings deemed worthy of four reallies in succession. Wow!

So today I am really, really, really, really tired. This impacts my emotions, ensuring that I am also really, really, really, really flat. This impacts my mental elf, ensuring that I am really, really, really, really despondent. This makes it hard to motivate myself, to feed and water myself. To exercise and care for myself. To get to bed. To sleep. To stay asleep. And around we go again.

I have decided to be really, really, really, really real here. I don’t want to pull any punches, because the truth is that this writing gig of mine is for me, mostly, a means to keep going from day to day. It is my reason to keep focused, some days, and also a means to find out where I am, how I am doing, and to take the necessary steps to manage it. How do I know what I feel, til I read what I think, or somesuch awkward ugly paraphrase of Joan Didion?

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So here I am, readers, really, really, really, really low. And then comes a dog. And then comes coloured light refracted through glass and it takes your breath away. And then comes a damn fine pizza, a salad, a good talk with your sister, and a couple of generous glasses of red wine.

And then comes tomorrow.






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