Academic Publications and
Non-traditional Research Outputs

My work as a Creative Practice Researcher draws on my experience as a theatre-maker. I work across modalities including collaborative texts, sonic essays, live art, installations and creative-writing projects.

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Murray, P. (2020) MURRAY’S COVIDICTIONARY In: Text Special Issue: The in / completeness of human experience

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Murray, P. (2017) Please Supply Own Title In: Text Special Issue 39, The Essay Australia

Murray, P. (2014) Elder-flowering: Creative resistance and the theatre of endurance – or vice versa: An introduction to a research project-in-progress In: Creative Manoeuvres: Writing, Making, Being, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom

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Original Creative Works


Murray, Peta. Wallflowering. Currency Press, 1992

Murray, Peta. Spitting Chips. Currency Press, 1995

Murray, Peta. Salt. Currency Press, 2001

Murray, Peta. Missa pro Venerabilibus: a Mass for the Ageing. Footscray Community Arts Centre, Victoria, 2016

Murray, Peta. Vigil/Wake. Arts House, North Melbourne, Victoria, 2018

Murray, Peta. On Our Beach. Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Fremantle, Western Australia, 2019

Photos supplied by Peta Murray
Short Fiction

Murray, Peta. The Volunteer. Award-winning Australian Writing, Melbourne Books, 2008

Murray, Peta. Cameraman. Sleepers Almanac 5, Sleepers Publishing, 2009

Murray, Peta. Indigestion. New Australian Stories 2, Scribe, Melbourne, 2010

Photo supplied by Peta Murray