Staging Australian Women’s Lives

Staging Australian Women’s Lives: Theatre, Feminism and Socially Engaged Art is an ARC-funded research project that sees the stage is an ideal laboratory for crafting and rehearsing responses to social inequalities.

Led by Professor Stacy Holman Jones, Professor Dan Harris, Associate Professor Alyson Campbell, Dr. Misha Myers and myself.

The project draws attention to the indelible achievements and contributions of Australia’s women theatre makers. Working with a national network of directors and dramaturgs, actors, designers, producers and theatre companies, the project will document the methods theatre makers use to address gendered oppression and violence.

Our research will be conducted through field work, in-depth interviews, focus groups and data analysis. Traditional research outcomes include scholarly book publication, and nontraditional outcomes include a co-designed workshop, exhibition and live performance for International Women’s Day.





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