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  • On Loss: Public Re/write

    On Loss: Public Re/write

    Over two weekends, I delivered a two-part event in partnership with Melbourne Writer’s Festival 2019 and RMIT’s non/fictionLab. These workshops-with-a-twist were a chance to engage interested members of the community in my practice-led research into the bespoke sensorium as a site for what I call secular w/rites and re/w/rites of passage. Sessions were held in…

  • The Big Anxiety Festival

    The Big Anxiety Festival

    Co-directed by Renata Kokanovic and Jill Bennett, The Big Anxiety Festival addressed the key mental health issues of our time through a variety of arts-based experiences and encouraged conversation around mental health. My contribution came in the form of awkward conversations. I offered to do an audit and consult of any brave soul who requested…