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  • Bloomsbury A-Z of Creative Writing Methods

    Bloomsbury A-Z of Creative Writing Methods

    Publication for Bloomsbury Academic, co-edited by NonFiction Lab at RMIT, including Deborah Wardle. With close to 60 contributors from a range of disciplines, A-Z of Creative Writing Methods is an alphabetical collection of essays to prompt consideration of method within creative writing research and practice. Accessible and provocative, this textbook lays bare new developments and…

  • Symphony of Awkward

    Symphony of Awkward

    A research collective comprised of Dr. Kim Munro, Dr. Stayci Taylor and myself, Symphony of Awkward works with the art and science of diarology™. We seek to repurpose one’s own archive in the name of new research and creative practices through live and audio works. We are continually prototyping queer and agile methods that see…